Call for Papers

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The National Digital Library of India (NDLI) is pleased to invite researchers, scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to submit their papers for presentation at the international symposium titled "Digital Libraries: Sustainable Development in Education," organized to commemorate India's presidency and organization of the G20 summit this year. This symposium aims to explore the role of digital libraries in promoting sustainable development in education and invites submissions on the following themes



  1. Digital Libraries for Accessible Education
    • Inclusive and equitable access to digital libraries for diverse learners
    • Strategies to overcome barriers to accessing educational resources
    • Enhancing accessibility for marginalized communities and persons with disabilities
  2. Digital Literacy and Skills Development
    • Innovative approaches to promoting digital literacy through digital libraries
    • Digital skills development for lifelong learning and employability
    • Digital libraries as platforms for upskilling and reskilling initiatives
  3. Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Access
    • Creation, curation, and dissemination of OER through digital libraries
    • Licensing, copyright, and intellectual property issues in open-access resources
    • Collaborative models for sustainable development and sharing of OER
  4. Technology and Innovation in Digital Libraries
    • Applications of emerging technologies (AI, ML, NLP, AR & VR etc.) in digital libraries
    • Metadata standards and digital preservation in the age of rapid technological advancements
    • User experience design and user-centric innovations in digital library interfaces
  5. Policy and Governance for Digital Libraries
    • Policy frameworks for the sustainable development of digital libraries
    • Copyright and fair use considerations in digital library ecosystems
    • Ethical issues in data collection, privacy, and security in digital libraries

Authors are invited to submit original research papers, case studies, or conceptual papers addressing the above themes or related topics. Submissions should contribute to advancing knowledge, providing insights, and sharing best practices in leveraging digital libraries for sustainable development in education.

Submission Guidelines

  • Papers must be written in English and should adhere to academic standards.
  • Submissions should be in .doc or .docx format and follow a standard academic paper structure.
  • The maximum paper length should be 6,000 words (excluding references), Page Size- A4, Single space, 12-point font size, Font- Times New Roman.
  • Authors should include a clear theme of the paper (choose from the list of themes of the symposium), title, abstract (250 words maximum), six keywords, and author affiliations with contact information, References (APA Style).
  • All submissions must be original work and should not have been previously published or be under review elsewhere.
  • Tables and Figures may be incorporated into the text of the paper as close to where they are first referred.
  • Papers must be written and presented in English. The Conference offers no provision for interpreters.
  • Avoid using unexplained acronyms, sets of initials, and phrases not understandable to international audiences.
  • DLSDE shall have the first publication rights to papers presented at the conference.

Submission Guideline

Please download and read the submission guideline carefully before submission.

newsProceeding of the symposium will be published by a reputed publisher

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We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions and engaging in meaningful discussions on the sustainable development of digital libraries in education at the "Digital Libraries: Sustainable Development in Education" symposium.